Without the Hurt

March 3, 2010
The unknown whispers in my ear and decieves me into thinking I'm free. That taunting figure, across the grass and far down under the water calls me and I follow without intention.

I've wanted to, lately, do nothing but mimick the water and make it come from my eyes. I can't even look at my reflection unless I've drown deep beneath their waters.

Their pessimisstic thoughts become mine and tear me down, making me vulnerable and more likely to be submerged into all that we know.

But to come up from the depths and take a deep breath, to feel the heat of the sun, but the coolness of the air, is everything. You must find that place and make it your own. You cannot leave, you don't want to, but you must.

You must live life and step out of your zone, your bubble, that is all too big. Illusion is king and perception is queen. So, you must learn to see the truth and throw away this heavily edited version of life we call reality.

Walk away and be your own person. Stop your sleep walking and see what you've been missing. Find the little things and make them bigger than you can possibly imagine.

Find who you are, not who they want you to be, because even with these clues, we haven't got a clue.

But tell me, now, can we all learn to cry without the hurt.

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