the mess i call myself

March 3, 2010
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I am so tired of broken empty promises. It would be nice if you could mean what you say for once. You get my hopes up and make me a little happier, then you turn around and break your word. I also cant stand the screaming making me feel worthless like im the screw up in your perfect little world. when you do that you cut off my personal supply of happiness and inject sadness and pain into me like a needle. The feeling of a cold substance creeping through my veins, taking over and destroying my mind and heart. My Heart begins to sink into the depths along with my spirit.....Now barely beating my heart forces out a few tears to dround out the sound to get me through the day. I dont think I can do this anymore. I want to hold on but im not sure I can.... I'm losing my grip and my heavy heart is weighing me down. is anybody out there?? Does anybody hear me? I'm about to fall... Please catch me

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