The Innocent

March 3, 2010
By pitz4lyfe BRONZE, Cave Junction, Oregon
pitz4lyfe BRONZE, Cave Junction, Oregon
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My best friend’s lover had just given birth to eight. A prideful father he was, showing his reverence when the jubilant pups came out almost luminescent. We then had an accumulated amount of ten dogs’ altogether, including the parents. The mother each and every day would meticulously appease and tend the daunting puppies, while the audacious albino father, with blue eyes would be on guard outside on his chain.

We then immediately put up ads in papers and stores all around town, spreading the word about the exuberant pups. Then after a few weeks of getting rid of about more than half of them, as the puppies grew and their careless behaviors became redundant, we realized that we had been spending too much on the homeless pups. My mothers state income hadn’t even been enough for my sister and I. It was either us or the helpless creatures. We then thought about putting them in the pound where they could have a chance of ten days to be adopted. But they had certain restrictions against pit bull breeds. A mislead notion produced from arrogant people have given them their cynical reputation. Their only option when picking up strays of this breed was to put them to sleep. Even newborn innocent pups would be put down. A treacherous atrocity that donned a sadness upon my mother and sister.

Nearing the end of the month, a period of meagerness, where the amount of food stamps wasn’t nearly enough for three of us and the four puppies. I despise and abhor the atrocity of our actions even to this very sentence. We ended up taking them to the gruesome association. But as we pulled away because they said they were full and couldn’t take anymore animals, they raced back out and in the mirror we could see the dog-catcher at the gate waving us back.

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