Crab Huntin

March 10, 2010
By Anonymous

As the sun goes down and day turns to the lights in the huge beach house go on but little did we know to go walking on the beach at night isn’t smart in Florida.
“OUCH” someone screeched in the night. As my brother and I ran to the side of the victim we saw a small white object bolt across the sand and disappear right before our eyes.
“Crabs.... I’ll be back.” he whispered and ran to the house to get a net. I was in search of my sister and friends. As I approached, I learned that my sister had been carried back to the house by my uncle Mike. She was pinched by that evil little munchkin that haunts the night like a skeleton walking across the sand.
“We’ve got to find it!” I said but we had no net or bucket for my brother had not returned. So we went back, only to find out Michael and his buddies had caught a whole bucket full of crabs. We were so proud of our accomplishments we took some fireworks and all shot those crabs all the way to the Mariana Trench or farther. After that was done, we really wanted crab meat, so we went to my favorite restaurant ever CRABBY BILLS!!
Did I mention that I only ate crab meat and butter on this vacation? Well I did. The area for this restaurant was perfect right on the beach and “OMG CRAAAB!!!” and the hunt is on!

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