Life in the Hospital

March 8, 2010
By Kwan You Park BRONZE, Fukuoka-shi, Other
Kwan You Park BRONZE, Fukuoka-shi, Other
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Usually, winter vacation should be enjoyable. We have Christmas and New Year during this time. However, for me, this year's winter vacation was terrible because I was in the hospital for one week. The week before that, I was feeling bad and coughing, so I went to the doctor who said, "You've got the swine flu."

I was surprised and shocked when I heard that. Why did I have to get the swine flu, why me? Then the doctor said that I should stay home for one week. When I heard that, I was really shocked because if I stayed home, then I would miss the Christmas party and skating. The next day, I panicked when I saw my thermometer. My temperature was up to 39.5? and my temperature didn't go down for four or five days. At that time, I noticed that this cold was not easy to recover from. Because I didn't get better, I went to the hospital again and I had an I.V, which is an another word for drip infusion. Then after this, I started to feel better, but I got worse again.

So I went to the hospital again. Then doctor said unbelievable words to me: "Your lungs are damaged, so you have to stay in the hospital for one week."

"Oh my gosh!" I thought. And this week in the hospital was horrible. First, the I.V attached on to some kind of machine, was put in my hand. Also, this I.V was so annoying because I had to carry this wherever I went and if a strong vibration occured, then some loud, strange sounds came out from the machine. So when that happened, I had to call the nurse often. The next thing that was terrible was the meals because they didn't have any taste and there was no meat! Were the people in the hospital were thinking that these meals were good for me? If that was so, then I want to tell them that the meals were trash. The only good thing I had was the TV. Life in the hospital was so boring, so I watched TV all day. However, the TV stopped at 10:00p.m., so I did nothing from 10:00p.m. until I slept. I thought that I couldn't live with this. However, I tried hard to got out of the hospital and finally, I did it. I really don't want to go back to that place anymore.

The author's comments:
I wanted peoples to know that how was the life in the hospital was boring and worst experience to me!

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