In his Shadow

March 8, 2010
By Anonymous

I always felt like I was in my older brother's shadow. He skipped a grade, was popular, athletic, and I always felt that parents liked him better.
When he was in 12 he started doing drugs and having sex. My parents didn't know about it. Today my brother is in twelth grade. On homecoming night the police caught him in his car with a girl, while they were both high off mushrooms. My brother also had a bag of weed in his car. He also cost $500 of damage on someone's farm. His court date is in April.
I know it's odd, but I still feel like I'm in his shadow. He's has so many friends, can get any girl he wants, he's smart, and is very opininated. For me I'm quiet,
have a couple friends,have no boyfriend, and I'm smart, but not in the way he is.
Pretty much all we say is hi and bye. Sometimes I wish I got to know him. He's always been a stranger to me. Next year, he'll be having the time of his life in college, while I'm in his shadow.

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