I could have been a rape victim...

March 4, 2010
By Anonymous

Just about 5 weeks ago, I met this boy. Hes 19, and a high school graduate. I am only 14. We both kind of had feelings for each other, and he would text me saying " dirty " things. He told me if we didn't hang out in the next two days, he was going to stop talking to me, so the next day, he was going to pick me up from my house. I told him ok, we were just going to hangout, and if he "tried" to do "anything" to me, I would just say stop. I told my mom my friends parents were picking me up so I could work on a school project with my friend. So I waited at the front door, and pretty soon he was here. I walked out, and we were standing on the sidewalk talking. After about 5 minutes, my mom walked out, and told me to come back inside. She was furious. She called the cops...they talked to me. I felt suicidal, I was crying, my mom was crying, even my sister. Not to mention, she told me she saved my life. She looked out the window, because she could tell something could have been wrong. And saw that an older boy was standing with me, not my friends parents. I want you to know, that if your in a situation, not to do what I did. If my mom ahdn't walked out, I could have went into the car, and I don't even know what could have happen. Maybe I wouldn't even be here warning all other teens. I have punishments now. For what I had gotten into. For being dumb. I can't text for a very very very long time. I have a monitored account online. I won't even be able to leave the house for months. If you want to meet someone, tell your parents. And DONT go by yourself. Or, just don't go at all. This person was from my area, and was the same person off of myspace, since hes 19, he had graduated from the same school I go to. But sometimes ( I'm sure you know) People meet other people online, and there not who they say they are, and they can get kidnapped, and killed. I hope this will warn you not to meet someone you don't really know, and that's older then you are. Like I said earlier, I'm lucky to be here. I was dumb at the time.

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