Winter Experiences

March 4, 2010
By , Littleton, CO
Throughout my twelve years of life, I have had a lot of winter days. Some days were good, others were bad.

The good days of winter are still to come, but others have already happened. I had the best winter experience back when the huge blizzard came. My family and I made a huge tunnel in the snow in our front yard. This tunnel was at least twenty feet long and four feet high. Also, we made a slide out of snow in our backyard. When it snows, I usually go sledding with my sister and brother. At the park is where we go sledding. Normally, we make a huge jump that hurts when you land. Therefore, we have to brace ourselves. Sometimes, we make little bumps on each side of the trail so you go from side to side until you hit the jump. These bumps are called moguls. We also have snowball fights. We make huge fort at each side of our backyard. Then, we make about 100 snowballs for each fort. Then after we made all of them, we split them up equally so we can have a snowball fight.

The bad days of winter have already come, although there could be more in the future. When I was six, I got buried in the snow. It was very hard to breathe because the air was being confiscated by all the snow that surrounded me from top to bottom and side to side. Just a few days ago, I slept over at my friend’s house. That friend was Josh Berrier. We were having a great time. So we decided to go outside and have some fun playing basketball. Josh and I, and then Josh’s little brother Jeff played. All three of us played a game called twenty-one. After a while of playing, I went up for a dunk. The basketball hoop was only seven feet. At that moment, I got pelted with a snowball in the right eye. I fell down to my knees, I couldn’t feel or focus on anything but my eye. It felt like the world had stopped. Then, I kind of just woke up, my eye still in pain, but I knew what had just happened. Jeff was the one that hit my right eye.

Winter has had some great moments, and also some awful ones.

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