Home Alone

March 3, 2010
When your family abandons you for errands or for friends or for work you’re left alone. In an empty house full of stuff you haven’t even discovered yet, even though you’ve lived there practically your whole life.
You try and get your mind off things by watching some TV. Some nice CSI, you know the usual. It’s the middle of the day and by now you’ve watched at least 4 hours of CSI: Miami. The blinds have been closed since last night, only a couple of lights on; except for your dog you’re alone… alone… by yourself… alone.
A snack of many colored goldfish enters your mind, as you start to get up to retrieve them from the pantry. Of course you don’t want to get up off the nice couch were you’ll be safe. Then your mind starts turning and twisting. You think ‘What if someone with a gun’s behind the couch, but no the couch will protect me… no wait I can’t run or protect myself, if someone was in here, I’d die either way! I don’t wanna die!! Hold up there is no insane killer in my house with my dad's staple gun! Just because it’s on T.V. doesn’t mean it’s going to happen to me… ‘. Then just as you’re recovering from your drastic meltdown…… The garage door buzzes as it folds up on the ceiling.
Then you think ‘Yes! Mom’s home… O God what if someone kidnapped her and stole her car and is now coming back for me! ‘. As you creep around the door window you see it is your Mom and you’re relieved. Ha-ha, glad it wasn’t that messed up thought that just started from being home alone.

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