Welcome to my Mind

March 3, 2010
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As you close your eyes darkness swarms the empty void light once flourished. In the distance you see a dim fire burning in the empty world. Suddenly a blinding flash pierces through the darkness as a blade fillets flesh. The moment the light dissipates behind you, you instantly fall through the ground. Unable to see the walls, hands jolt out to grab you. Instantly just as fast as you fell, you impale a new moist ground. Still unable to see you feel around you, wondering what the warm syrupy liquid around you is the light returns with a five second flash. Then you realize you are surrounded by an endless sea of blood. You rise in panic and fear, in the distance the flicker of light became a flourishing willow tree on a hill, and around you are thousands of fallen knights. You run, and run, until you can’t feel your legs and you keep running to reach the tree in the distance but, as you venture forward the tree seems farther away. Reaching out for the serenity of the upper land a skin crawling scream penetrates the night. Then you awaken, leaning agents the tree in your vision. Welcome to my Mind, a never ending maze…

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