Didn't you say "Forever"?

March 2, 2010
By LuzA. GOLD, Santo Domingo, Other
LuzA. GOLD, Santo Domingo, Other
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We started seeing each other
At the begining you were "one clever"
But then with time you said
"You are my only forever!"

I thought the same
I felt it. You did.
Ours. Forever, Together!

Who was like you?
The friend.
You weren't "A friend"
You were "The friend"

The one that could see the tears under my smile
The one that could see the shadow under my sun
The one that could see the fire under my cold
And the only one that made my mom shout at me because I lasted hours on the phone speaking with

We both said forever

We had been separated for a while
Once you went out with YOUR friends
I stayed home
Mom didn't let me go. (Like ALWAYS!)

You came
"Hey, I think after all, you weren't my best friend. Well you are still one of them. Just that not the first"
I said

But this time you didn't see the tears
You didn't see the shadow
You didn't see the fire
You didn't call.

You did everything that you did with me, with that new person
I had new best friends too, but, it wasn't the same
You said everything
Were did you left our promises?
Were is our challenges?
And fights?
Your words are meaningless. I see.

But I still wonder
"Didn't you say "Forever"?" :*

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