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March 1, 2010
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I Am
My name is Nathan. I like to watch TV. Also I like to be outside and I like money. So these are the three things I enjoy most.
First, I like to watch TV. Watching TV is fun because I watch baseball in the summer. Or I can watch football in the fall and winter. Finally I can watch my other favorite shows. For me TV is something I need to survive.
Second, I like to be outside. What I like about being outside is that I can hang out with my friends. Also I like to play football with my cousins. Or I like to play baseball with my cousins too. So these are the ways I like to be outside.
Third I like to have money like I can buy some video games. Or I can go out and buy some movies. Or if I need something I can just go out and buy it instead of asking for money. These are the 3 ways I like to have money.
So in the last few paragraphs I hope that I clearly showed myself. That like having all of these things is a way to describe me. Like watching TV, playing outside, and money are 3 main things I like.

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