The Six Month Hangover

March 6, 2010
She was a lightweight; it only took one for her to be drunk and at ease. There was more to it than that one taste, it was her new addiction. Within that one split second she let her guard down, because she felt as if it was the last ticket to the paradise island. Being so drunk, some would feel so sick, but the only the sickness she felt was that of happiness. Every day, she would be drunk; her life was going so well. Within a day, she found out that that drunkenness could lead to a six month hangover.
Going into her freshman year, Amy wanted to fit in, so she tried wearing make- up, dressing in tight clothes that were not really comfortable, and even wore heels that she could not walk in. As the year went on, she kind of became her own person; she stopped trying to be like everyone else and just became herself. She may have been in high school, but she could tell you what love was. She was dating a senior her freshman year, she thought she was on top of the world. They dated for almost nine months, before they realized that with him going to college and her still being in high school, a long distance relationship just would not work. They eventually broke up, but remained close friends. Of course she still had feelings for him, but she had to let him move on to his life after high school. She was devastated, but eventually she got over it. She did not want to get into another relationship so quickly, so she put up a guard. Her guard did not let guys
get to her head, and it definitely did not let a guy steal her heart. Her focus was on school and that was it.
During her sophomore year it was a hot February, the trees were bare, the grass was brown and the sun scorched down on you. Amy always wore sandals, never caring how she looked to others. She was doing great, her grades were passing and she had her close friends. Amy always tried to be nice to everyone, shared everything, was in a way shy, and just was always smiling. She of course had those few people in her classes she did not get along with, particularly a guy in her fifth period, let’s call him Ricky. Ricky and Amy seemed to dislike one another very much, but was that just their way of flirting? Ricky eventually moved into a different class, Amy felt relieved. She thought she would not have to talk to him again, until she found out who her cousin was best friends with. Thinking she could trust her cousin, Jack, she told him that she had a slight crush on Ricky.
Jack, thinking it was great news, called Ricky up and told him “Hey Amy likes you!”

Ricky did not believe that she liked him, so the following day at school Ricky approached Amy and asked her if it was true. She started to blush as she nodded her head yes. Ricky then asked for her number, so she gave it to him. They started to text almost every hour of every day. It only took a week for them to realize that they really liked each other. They smiled when they were around each other and laughed a lot. They were around each other at school, a lot. They walked with each other to every class. They were not together, but they knew there was something there.

Friday the thirteenth rolled around, and Amy was not scared that Freddy Krueger was going to get her, however she felt like all Friday the thirteenths were bad luck. She dreaded going to that school that morning because she did not want anything bad to happen; she was not ready to for that first day of drunkenness. Amy saw Ricky during the morning classes, and that is when he gave her a singing balloon, a rose, and wrote her a poem. The poem was cheesy, but she loved the originality it had. A month into their relationship everything was going well, until the day Amy heard Ricky had kissed another girl. She did not want to talk to him because she did not like when people lied to her. A week went by and they had not spoken to each other, until Amy asked him to tell her the truth, he explained that nothing happened; she believed him. The rest of the school year went on and she fell in love with him, she was mesmerized by the simplicity of his kisses. She believed him every time she heard about a new girl, what was she supposed to do, she was in love. When everyone’s summer started theirs, along with some of their classmates, had not. They had college classes for four weeks they were together in almost every class. They sat by each other and held each others’ hand. They had a love, hate relationship; they would always playfully hit each other but were always laughing. They had what seemed like a perfect relationship.
Even though Ricky always wanted to spend time with Amy outside of school at his house, Amy’s mom would not allow that. Amy’s mom wanted the best for Amy, so she wanted to get to know Ricky very well before she went to his house alone. Ricky could go to Amy’s house any time he desired, however he never wanted to. The day of their six month anniversary he told her he wanted to break up, she thought it was another one of their fights, however he was serious. The following day is when Amy started to feel the hangover; she could not eat, sleep, or smile. Everything she had grown to known was gone, in the blink of an eye. She wondered what the real reason was of their break-up because each time she asked Ricky, he gave a different excuse. Around three months after their break-up Ricky started dating, Ashley, Amy was even more devastated. She still had that hangover, and it was growing more and more powerful. Two more months passed and Amy still was in love, she wanted to feel that drunkenness when they kissed, however, she was still hung-over and now only Ashley would feel that drunkenness. A few days short of what would be Amy and Ricky’s one year anniversary, Amy found out the truth of what happened during their relationship. It was just as she thought, lies, cheating, and more lies. The day after what would be one year, but really the six month mark of their break- up, Amy did not have a hangover, in fact she was not even drunk, but she was something more, she was happy being where she was right there that moment.
In the end, everybody came up winners; in this case, especially Amy. Amy, at first, may have felt that drunkenness was the key to being happy when she was with Ricky; however having a long six month hangover after is not very refreshing, it is painful and saddening. After finding out the truth, she now knows that trust is key in any type of relationship, even if it is just your relationship with your mother, father, or even friendships. Love does not come once, it is always in your life, so keep them close and never have regrets because you lied. Have the courage to say the truth, the consequences you may face right there are far less worse than that hangover of heartbreak.

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