Only so much

February 26, 2010
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I'm losing, losing everything... everything that i ever grew to know. So much to take in... in so little time. Makes me wonder... Have i changed so much? Or am i the same?

So many thoughts... So little room. My head throbs... It beats to the rhythm of all the time that's gone by. So fast, blink of an eye. No time to see, no time to breath... Not even time for a small faint heartbeat.

Exhaustion takes over. Mentally and Physically, unable to fight, because no fights to be fought. War is constant in my mind. When i close my eyes, i see those thoughts, those memories. They constantly play in my head, so no time for bed... So i grow groggy, my eyes get red. So negativity fills my ears and pores out my mouth. It burns my throat, I slowly fall... Tears rain, hate builds.

And the reality of everything decaying before my eyes sets in...
And saturates every thought that processes through my mind. Till there's nothing left i can bear to take in.....

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