Poetry Addiction

February 25, 2010
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Everyone has an addiction,
Mine is poetry.
They told me that my chances of winning were one in a million, My body burns from not fire but from the words you speak, see, but my appearance, my personality, my attitude, my name, the way i wear i my clothes, the way i walk, the way i talk, the way i think, i live, love, write, eat, drink, sleep poetry and i dont care what you or other people that are so quick to judge me instead of holding my hand and telling me "you love me" has to say about it, see, You could walk straight up to my face and tell me im stupid to think for one second my words would run through your head and change your thoughts about me but i dont care. You could go around and tell your little crew that i do this just to show off but when i speak words, they dont come from my head, see, when i speak words they come from my heart, my soul, something called my inner me, enemies take every chance they get to make fun of me and mock me and step on my pride but, i just take a broom and sweep them to the side of the side lines cause, they didnt know that what they do makes me rise high and, i start to get a little optimistic as my flow is startin to rhyme i take my time to realize that, this gift for poetry i have be giving me adrenaline signs, signs that show me the right mountain that i need to climb, everyone has an addiction, and it just so happens, that poetry is mine.

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