Last day of school

February 27, 2010
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The last day of school always has its surprises like the kid who you tough never leave private school does. Or your favorite teacher leaves. But this year was different, I was in 7th and had a teacher that I hated. After mass in the morning my friend came to talk to me she was from the other class. She told me that one of the kids in her class had cancer. I knew this kid we had been praying for him but I just thought some one in his family was sick. The word quickly spread tough out our grade. I was sanded this funny kid I knew could be dead soon. I felt if something had went into me. On top of that my favorite teacher was leaving and my well hated teacher was staying. All that day all we talked about was them two. At the end of the day my snob of a teacher said “I think they already found a replacement for her.” One boy spoke up “well I’m going to say goodbye to her” he got up and left. We all did the same leaving our teacher alone. Nobody even said goodbye to our teacher. She hates now but no one cares. Two days later I got the official word my classmate really did have cancer. Lets fast-forward ten months my friend/classmate. Is totally cancer free. My favorite who had quit at our school is teaching somewhere else. We all miss her but were happy there was no death. 8th grade is hard and my well hated old homeroom teacher. Teaches me social studies and equally hates me. I hope this last day of school is better.

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