one lonely cheerleader left out

February 20, 2010
By Anonymous

I just began cheer leading this year. I loved it but i hated the way the girls were. There was this one girl on my team, she was known as the "gross" girl and no one really talked to her and I always felt bad for her. The popular girls had there clique and neither her nor I was in it. Although i had a couple of friends on the team, unlike her. Well a couple of days before competition she ended up in the hospital. It was nothing major, we knew she could still compete and everything but we were still worried. I had her number and one of the popular girls, who hated her, called ME for HER number. I was surprised, but gave it to her. Well the "gross" girl and I were talking the next day and she was like, "Yeah, I can't believe she invited me to her house for the party before comp!" I was confused, but then it hit me that the popular girl had called me to get her number and invite her to her house. It really upset me that i was the only person on the team who was not invited to this party. Even the "gross" girl was! They would talk about what they were going to do at her house before competition at practice and it felt like they were rubbing it in that i was not invited. I thought it was a team thing, I mean the coaches went and everything! The night of that party my boyfriend, who happened to be my only friend because every other friend of mine deserted me, and i got into a fight. I felt alone. I didn't have him anymore and all my cheer team could talk about was the stupid sleepover that I was not invited to. We came in second place at competition but i still wasn't happy. They all had a good time as a team and everything, but without me. They didn't even feel guilty about it either. I wasted too many tears on what she did to me. To this day it still makes me like the unwanted girl at school.

The author's comments:
The girls were always mean to me on the team. This just made it worse. It hurt and still does!

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