When I Loved Once To Many

When I think about you I wonder what would happen if I came into the picture, would that change anything or would it make its turn for the worse? Life is hell with or without you and when you bring up the past I start to think and get a regretful feeling about what I had for you. Why did you do this to me why did I have to suffer a cold winter with nothing but a heart of my own to hold and stand by why weren't you there to protect me? Seeing myself like this is tearing me apart piece by piece. You watched me fall and didn't even think to catch me, everything was nothing something was nothing...get the picture? I want it to be us but I'm afraid of what I might go through looking through your eyes seeing the type of person you are makes me wonder if my heart is in the right condition for the pain you could possibly put me through. Me loving to feel and also be in your presents and being upset with you sent me on a ride that I didn't want end cause you were always on my mind and I just couldn't stop thinking about you that one feeling that I can never take back anymore. You stole my heart and I told you if you give it back I would never ever forgive you again, but instead you through it away, gave it up, and you forgot all about me what happened? Love died I cried you faded away from my mind...but you saved me and I forgave you and made me remember to never love again. I will never forget that this is what happens when you love once to many.

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