Carnation Bowl Victory

February 24, 2010
By Anonymous

The Carnation Bowl was the hardest game of the year. My team the South Bulldogs took on the Bulldogs. This game decided who got to keep the name and the trophy. The practices were long and tough enough already. Now we are extending them and having one more a week. I must have lost 10 pounds that week. I sweat so much that it looked like I took a shower when I took of my helmet. The same goes for everyone else on the team. You could tell that everyone was pushing them selves to do more and more until their body quit.
The day of the Carnation Bowl every one was pumped and ready to go. At the coin toss our opponent won and elected to receive. Our coach yelled “Kickoff line up!” I was on the outside and I knew that he was going to try to get outside of me. So I ran down the sideline as fast as my feet could move. I could feel the squishy astro turf under my feet. Right when he caught the ball, I hit him so hard that the sweat from my head splattered on my dark black visor and made it blurry. Luckily for him held onto it but I gave him a rude awakening.
After halftime the score was 3-0 us. Before the game my coach said that we would either win or loose by a field goal.
We’ll see about that. Nothing much happened in the third quarter it was mostly three and outs. But the fourth quarter got interesting. The score was still 3-0 but on their first down they threw a long pass and they scored because of our safety had blown coverage. They kicked a field goal and the score was now 3-8 them. On the kickoff we ran by all of the defenders and got all the way to the nine yard line. They were in trouble. Two plays later we scored and kicked a field goal. The score is now 11-8 us.
There was 3 seconds left and they had a chance to tie it up and put it into overtime. When they kicked the ball two of our players jumped over the linemen and four of us went on the sides. The two guys that jumped over the line made the holder bobble it. Then … BAMMM!!! He kicked it. But wait, it’s blocked. The South Jeffco Bulldogs beat the Bulldogs. They got to keep the name and the trophy. That was the most memorable time in my life.

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