February 23, 2010
By Faith Tyler BRONZE, Pleasant Plains, Illinois
Faith Tyler BRONZE, Pleasant Plains, Illinois
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If you think staying in the same city for your whole life is boring, I would not think that if I were you. If you have been in one place your whole life, consider yourself lucky. I have moved to 3 different schools. I know some of you think that doesn’t sound like a lot.

My dad is a Southern Baptist Pastor. Not a priest, a pastor. There is a difference for those of you who do not go to church. A priest can’t have any kids or a wife. He is with the Catholic Church. A pastor can have kids and a wife. He can be with any denomination.

See, when I was a baby, (and this does not count as a move) I lived in a town called Modesto, Illinois. My dad got hired at Baptist Church.
After 5 years, they decided they did not like my dad. He resigned from the job, well, because they did not like my dad anymore.

He then got hired at a church called Wayne City Baptist Church in Wayne City, Illinois. My mom and dad were happy. I was but not as happy as them. I was but not as happy as them. I was going through a rough time at that point. I was in second grade. When I was in Kindergarten, I choked on potato skin. Intel second grade I was afraid to eat. I would not eat anything without a fight. My grandpa also died that year. I had to learn how to cope. Eventually I did.

We moved to Wayne City. The church was going good, Intel this one guy stood up and said my dad was a liar. I was in about fourth grade. I did not know what happened. I thought the guy was saying good things about my dad. After that, a year later, my dad decided to resign everybody was against him.

We then moved to Plains or Pleasant Plains where I am now. My dad is pasturing a church. It is good so far. I hope I can stay here. I have nothing against churches or anything at all because when God is at work, people are going to be mad to hear the truth.

The author's comments:
I hope whomever reads this understand that they are lucky to stay in one place for there teen years.

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