To Be or Not to Be; That is the Question

February 22, 2010
By Daryl Mangosing BRONZE, Barrigada, Other
Daryl Mangosing BRONZE, Barrigada, Other
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Indeed. Life itself is a confounding principle that has yet to be solved by the very minds that govern the concept of life after death. Is it mere mediocrity that the mystery shalle be left unsolved? Or is it a matter of time which death requires to arrive ever so abruptly? No. It is a matter of self-denial- a matter in which contemplation will lead to Oblivion, nonexistence. The capacity at which our lives exist is not left at a stand still. Rather, it exists for the sake of existence itself. The reason why we do not comprehend life and death is before our very eyes. Its meant to be. It is meant so that all organisms will continue the cycle in which our creator, whether it be supernatural or science, has dictated it to be. Why must we relent on answering the question? Why must continue this eternal damnation that our ancestors and those before them has begun? Can we not cease its futile processing? Can we not just live life as it should be without the skepticism that lies in life after death? No. We cannot. The very reason why we live lies within the very mystery we attempt to explicate but cannot. Our compulsion to view these causes and the effects associated with them becomes the reason why we live. Life provides opportunity for discovery. However, the absence of discovery will maim us to the progression of nowhere. This absence thence brings about logic. What has logic got to do with reason is obvious. Logic is what causes reason to exist. Without reason, logic does not exist. Therefore, one must take into account the existence that lies in the two- both are supreme in knowledge. Where were we?...Oh, yes...The logic of absence and the reason to progress. Absence is what causes progression. The irony has yet to be recognized by everyone. I suppose it is deemed necessary due to the role it plays in evolution. One must not possess anything in order to advance. Obviously it is thought as the other way where one must have something. Then again, what is to become of that person once that possession is exhausted? What is to become of the life dictated by that one thing? Of course. Nothing.

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