Don't give up

February 21, 2010
By Anonymous

Don’t give up
In this childhood before I met you I grew up sturdy but you the provoker and others came down and decayed the road, I was taught to value, taught to battle, taught to defeat, you absent mine presence vulnerable, I never thought I could not succeed
No hope of fighting so left it seems, I am a girl whose dreams have all been abandoned, I’m changing my preference, I’m changing my appearance that is my hair I’m shaving because of you..But no one wants you when you’ve been mistreated and you caused slack
Don’t give up
Cause I have friends
Don’t give up
I’m not wretched yet
Don’t give up
I know I can make it on my own

Though I have done my dirt too all around
Never thought I could’ve be exaggerated
Thought we would last forever more
It’s too mistaken how things have crooked

Crowded my heart into the darkest night
A place where I was never born, on the abyss side
Though as the crack of dawn broke,
I lived in the troubles and painful heartaches you put me through in and out

Don’t give up
I still have god
Don’t give up
I don’t need much of anything
Don’t give up
Cause there is some place where I belong and that’s not with you I belong
Rest my soul
I dwell on things too much
Everything is going to be alright
When your times get rough
You can’t fall back on us
But I can’t…don’t give up
I won’t give up

Got to walk on up out of your life
I can’t take anymore
Going to stand on that petistole
Keep my head on high
I’ll watch whatever memory may go
Whatever new lover may come
Those tears of mines are still streaming
Those tears of mines will still be streaming

Worked on something, tried so hard for nothing
For every piece of you that has changed, so much of love
So much of my love you don’t need nor deserve

Don’t give up
Cause I have better friends
Don’t give up
In this abandoned nature I’m not the only one
Don’t give up
I shall not be ashamed
Don’t give up
I don’t need you no more I still have god
Don’t give up
I’m gone be proud of who I am and were
Don’t give up
It’s never been easy that’s why Id fight
Don’t give up
Because I believe there is this place, there is a place without you or not I belong.

Dedicated to Tp. In loving memory <9-12-08>

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