Lost In Mexico

February 16, 2010
My apathy is for Spanish. It is the most pointless class to take. I'm only taking it to get into a good college. I can guarantee you that I am going to forget almost all of it a year after I get out of it. My philosophy is to make a lot of money and just higher a translator if I need to know Spanish. I don't even know how to use correct grammar in English and she expects us to know predicate adjectives and conjunctive participles and such in Spanish. I just know enough and what to do to the word to get kind of good grades, but I don't understand any of it. Then we make piñatas which is fun and I like to do, but it doesn't teach us Spanish at all! How does making Strongbad full of candy teach us how to say goodbye to someone in Spanish? I don't have a clue. So I have a strong apathy for Spanish! I hope I have gotten my point across.

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