February 10, 2010
By , Redlands, CA
Every girl defends herself in a different way. There are girls who are quiet, shy and nice to everyone, but don’t speak up when they should. There are girls who put down everyone, just to raise themselves up. There are those strong few who just ignore bad comments because the truly don’t care.
And then there are girls who pretend nothing hurts them, but when they’re alone at night they think over everything that was said and done, and just ask, “Why did I say this?” or “Why did I do that?”. These girls act like they’re tough and who you turn to when you need a bodyguard or to beat someone up, the girls who are called rude and mean.
But the truth is these girls are the most sensitive, and they act mean and rude because they don’t want to get hurt. These are the girls who felt like they were stabbed in the back by a friend, led on by a crush, or cheated on by a boyfriend. They become so afraid to let any body close to them, that they just slowly start pushing everybody away. They would rather be alone. They feel like nobody understands them, because everybody is so caught up in their own little world, their own unnecessary drama, that they don’t stop and ask, “What’s wrong?” or “Are you okay?” or offer, “You can talk to me if you want.”

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