My High School Life

February 9, 2010
It was freshman year when I saw you
Something told me deep inside that, you were something true
The continuous hugs the frequent jokes
The need of answers on a test or quiz
Summer time comes and we loose touch no more high feelings for each other
Sophomore year we act as if we don’t know each other
You date other girls; I date other people
But once in the full moon when we see each other those feelings for your girl goes away
And those old feelings for me comes back
Junior year: what can I say the same old thing happened the year before nothing new.
Finally Senior year we talk we flirt as if we were still in the 9th grade.
Something tells me that we’re finally gonna hook up.
I finally get a text and all you feelings for me come out but I wonder if its lies or are you pulling this from your heart.
I don’t know I should start having those feeling for you again or just give up??????

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