Fake You (Fake Friendship)

February 14, 2010
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In my school things were not very common, and people from all over the world appeared (or that's what we thought). But suddenly, this fall 2009 arrived a new boy, a european boy. Girls went crazy for him, to a point teacher had to eat with him sometimes so they left him alone.
But he didn't like eating with people his age. In fact, he said this people were dumb. So he ate with bigger people. People reasonably more mature than him. My friends (girls just like me) talked a lot with him, because he liked one of my best friends.
At the begining I said to one of my friends "Leave the boy alone! Oh my gosh! You guys don't even let him eat peacefully" and she answered ALWAYS the same "We are his friends! What's your problem?"
But after a few lunches, I began to be his friend too.. or that's what I thought.
Then my friends stopped eating with him, but every lunch he came to my table and we ate together. We talked the whole lunch and I trusted him so much. I called him Bro. and he called me Sis. But I knew that anyways he didn't felt very comfortable with me as I did with him, because of course, girls and boys are not the same, definitely!

Then after a while, people began spreading rumors that I liked him and that we were couple ect. And to say the truth, I didn't really cared, because I was used to rumors and stuff like that. Since I got good grades, people talked a lot about me, of course, some talked bad and others good, unfortunately there was nothing I could do.I guess he was used too, because he never seemed to be worried. But suddenly we started eating with this friend of mine, Shyla. There was when we really started enjoying of our friendhsip. He laughed more than he ever did, and since he was quite reserved, I thought "Wow! Maybe this guys are really becoming friends! I'm glad I presented them to each other! Now we can all be best friends!".
But suddenly he stopped eating with us, and like this, stopped talking to me. At the begining it really hurt, but after a while I thought maybe we weren't really friends. Haha, but nope! He started talking to me again, and this time just to me. I thought "well, it seems we're friends forever" I was quite happy. But that was just 3 days. After, he stopped talking to me again, I thought that this definitely wouldn't last for much. So it had gone away for about 1 week and Shyla continued to eat with me. But one day, one Monday Shyla comes to me mysteriously and says "Hey Luz.." and I said "Hey Shyla!" "How are you Luz?" "Very good Shyla, what about you?" "I'm good..." "Well it doesn't seem like you are Shyla" "Forget it... Luz do you miss ...??" And she said the boy's name. "Shyla, do you want me to be sincere?" "Yes Luz, please" "Actually I don't" "Ok" "Why Shyla?" "Just.... Do you want to know what he thinks about you?" "Yes.." "He told me he thinks you're weird, embarassing and ugly, but don't beleive him because you're not Luz!" "Hehe. I know"
At the begining I felt uncomfortable, but then it passed. Every time I saw him, I felt a big hate on my heart. But then evrything disspeared.. Now I felt nothing at all.
It was now Saint Valentines' Day, and I had a bag full of candies. I noticed he sat down and started looking the bag. I couldn't take it. I couldn't take how he was using me to get the candies. I couldn't take how he faked our friendship.
So that same afternoon I took the strengh and told him I knew it. It felt so good. And now I just know, he was one Fake You.

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