Calling for our rights

February 17, 2010
By Nabsj BRONZE, Muscat, Other
Nabsj BRONZE, Muscat, Other
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No, you didn't guess it right. I'm not asking for women’s rights or students’ rights; we have enough. Here, I'm asking for artistic people’s rights.
This might sound weird, but I'm serious, I had to bring up this local issue to open people’s minds to the reality in which we are living and find a solution for it.

As a child, I always dreamed of being a newscaster, but no one really encouraged me, since art-related jobs won't buy you bread in Oman. Most artistic people I've met have had to abandon their dreams in order to have a decent lifestyle. It seems my turn is coming very, very soon, and I'll have the same unhappy ending. Even worse, it won't just stop here, it will continue to the next generation, and our talents will be just talents and our dreams will remain only dreams.

Accomplishing my dreams and life goals has been my first priority in life, but that has come to the end. I can't really choose accomplishing my dreams over having a good lifestyle; neither can I accomplish my dreams and live on the streets. Most people need balance in their lives, and I'm one of them.

I envy people who are interested in science and business, as they can follow their dreams without a second thought.

So, on the behalf of the artistic Omanis, I’m going to ask for our rights. What we need doesn't require a lot, no more than others need: a good art college, scholarships, job opportunities, and financial and emotional support.

Take our blurry local TV, for example. No offence, but really, I bet no one would mind presenting on it. We've got talented Omanis with good writing and speaking skills, but as soon as they get another offer, they move.

This is what Shaimaa Al-Hamady did and we can't blame her. Her start was in local TV, but everyone takes the opportunity to improve their positions. For years, Oman TV has been the same.

So here is a call for the government, businessmen and single individuals-: We have talent, so give us a chance to show you what we've got!

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