"Dress Code"

February 16, 2010
By Tashaactress101 SILVER, Wilbraham, Massachusetts
Tashaactress101 SILVER, Wilbraham, Massachusetts
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So I grew up in a small little country town with just about nothing to do. I would read magazines and look at the pictures of beautiful girls with big heels, big hair, and all the right clothes. When I saw these pictures I wanted to look like the girls in the pictures. I started to buy big heels and beautiful dresses. When I put those clothes on I felt so glamorous and like those girls in the magazines. I started dressing like this everyday from seventh grade to ninth grade. No one ever said anything about it. Until my first day of high school everyone would make fun of me so bad I would have panic attacks. The kids would say my clothing was so weird and call me crude names just because I didn’t dress the same as everyone else. The kids and society had its own dress code. That was no where near mine. At first I couldn’t handle all of the harassment and I really didn’t think I was going to make it through high school. A lot of people in my family and my closest friends stuck up for me and guided me through those tough times. I learned that when people make fun of someone their either jealous, trying to make them selves look better by making you look worse or their just being ignorant people with black evil hearts. So I don’t believe in one dress code I believe everyone can have there own dress code.

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This article at the beginning is really sad to me because it shows alot of the pain I went through but i like it in the end because it shows I was strong and made it through tough times.

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