I wanted him to live forever.

February 16, 2010
Wow. Where do I begin? There are many people in my life that have inspired me. One
person that immediately comes to my mind would be John "Jack" Craycroft, my grandfather.
My Grandpa Jack was an amazing father,grandfather,and brother but most of all an
amazing person. He worked hard all of his life to support him and his family. Some of his
best qualities were that he was hard-working, loving, and not afraid to speak the truth. He
would do anything for his family. If his kids would argue with him about who was right he
would always say,
"Don't talk to me about being right or wrong until you're about thirty. Then we'll see who
has been right all of these years." My mom says that same thing sometimes.
My grandpa worked on his farm for as long as I can remember. When he retired, he and
my grandma moved to more of an in-town location, of course this was when all the kids had
grown up and moved out. My grandpa and grandma had been married for at least forty some
years at this point in their lives.
When my mom was about two years old my grandma and grandpa took in my mom and
her four siblings while they were also raising their own three children. In one country house
there were eight kids and two adults. My grandpa truly was a great man for taking in and
raising all eight kids.
I'm not sure of the exact date, but sometime in January of 2003 my grandpa was diagnosed
with Lung cancer; My world was crushed. I was in the sixth grade, I believe, and I
understood that no one would live forever but I didn't want to believe it. My grandpa was a
great person and a hard worker. He didn't deserve this horrible disease. My grandpa fought
this battle for at least two years. It was horrible to watch the pain and struggles he had to go
through. He was in constant pain. Finally he became bed ridden. Soon after that he was
admitted to St.Mary's hospital, he was also bed ridden. He got to the point where he lost his
ability to speak or do anything on his own. I hate hospitals; I was never there when he could
speak. I went shortly after he lost the ability which I still regret that to this very day.
My most treasured memory with him was when he was at home, bed ridden, and he could
still talk. He pulled me over to the side of his bed and told me he loved me and that I was
beautiful. At that moment I wanted him to live forever.
My world came crashing down about five years ago in June when my mom came in at
about four in the morning and told me that my grandpa had passed away at about two thirty in
the morning. I was numb. I had no idea what to think or what to feel.
My grandpa inspired me because despite all that he went through he never gave up hope.
He was still his usual silly self. I never go a day without thinking about my hero, my
inspiration, my Grandpa Jack.

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