Worst day of my Life

February 16, 2010
By Chance Ulrich BRONZE, Decatur, Illinois
Chance Ulrich BRONZE, Decatur, Illinois
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The day started out like any other day. Class, then lunch, and then a fight in the bathroom. I was a witness to the fight in the bathroom and we happened to get caught. All the kids begged me not to tell on them. When the principal called my named to talk to me, I didn’t say anything threatening to suspend me. I kept my word that I wouldn’t say anything about the fight, so he sent me back in the hallway. I told all the kids I didn’t say anything.

My Mom walked in the school and all the kids got suspicious that I had snitched. As I walked out of the school, I looked over and smiled at my mom, and then she said I have something to tell you. She said, the house caught on fire and there is nothing left. My heart sank and I started crying. I said I don’t believe you and why would you lie to me about something like that. I asked if I could see the house. The entire drive, I was in total shock.

When we got there, the fire department was still there. I walked into the house in disbelief. I kept going until I got to my room, nothing was there. One of the fire fighters looked over at me and asked me if the watch in his hand was mine, I nodded yes. I realized that the clothes on my back and that watch were the only things I could call my own. I walked around and thought of our dogs but I knew they were gone.

I walked out of the house and my neighbor was comforting my mom. I walked up and said at least the ant problem is gone, trying to cheer myself up and try and make light of all that was happening, but failing miserably.

After that day, I quit talking and caring for a long time. After a few months it sank in that I shouldn’t be angry and that I could have been in my bed. I was contemplating staying home that morning, but thank goodness I went to school.

The worst part of having that happen was not having anywhere to go, not having a Dad there to protect us. My Mom’s boyfriend told us that we could stay at his house. He took us in and bought us new clothes; he bought me a new bed. It hit me like wow, I don’t even know him all that well but he’s taking us in and caring for us. It’s cool because he’s still here three years later, looking after my family and me.

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