Pieces of the Puzzle

February 16, 2010
By Kate Wrigley BRONZE, Decatur, Illinois
Kate Wrigley BRONZE, Decatur, Illinois
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Family doesn't make sense. Think about it, really think about it. There's all these people: young, old, quiet, loud, obnoxious, funny. There are so many different personalities, yet they all come together and form one. It's only somewhat because of the blood connection, because think about those connected by marriage or adoption. Do they seem any less like family? Maybe for a while, but then they just become part of the family, like anyone else.

Family, well, my family at least, is dysfunctional. It seems like someone is always fighting with someone else. And then somebody else is coming in and taking sides. Eventually it erupts into a big fight within the family. Things are said that maybe shouldn't have been, people aren't talking, and it's a mess.

Yet... It all seems to work out somehow. Maybe someone owns up and offers an apology, or somebody could simply have just stepped up and admitted they're wrong. Once it gets going, though, everyone catches on. They're talking, apologizing, and eventually they're all sitting around at someone's house, laughing about it. Another story for the next generation.

In family, acceptance is key. Whether it's accepting that one member of the family is different from the rest or accepting someone new to the family. It can be harder for some people. For them change doesn't come easy. They might just be trying to protect their family, but change is necessary for growth. Personalities may clash, but excluding the person will most likely cause another fight. The person must gain their place in the family. And eventually they will. The family will begin to accept that they belong and they do add to the family. In the end, it's like the new person was always there.

I think the hardest part of being in a family is the expectations. People expect you to be a certain way, to do something, or say something. And when these expectations fall through, then comes the disappointment. After a while, there are people in your family who you expect to disappoint you. But because they're your brother, your sister, or your cousin, you can't help but hold on to a little glimmer of hope. Maybe, this one time, it will be different. Strong family bonds are all it takes to hold a family together.

The way I look at it, family is like one huge jigsaw puzzle. With each member a singular piece. They fight, the pieces are broken apart and scattered. When they reconcile the puzzle becomes, once again, complete. New pieces are added, some are replaced, and some are gone, leaving the rest to try and make up the empty space. The thing about this puzzle is that it's never completely finished. But when you're all together, laughing, talking, having fun, just being together, you can get a pretty good glimpse of the whole, magnificent picture.

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