The Missing

February 16, 2010
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Following a very nice and fun day was a rainy and gloomy night that ended in disaster. Why did it have to end the way it did? Why can't he still be here goofing off doing nothing but enjoying life itself? How could this have happened, what was he thinking?
The day is so nice; everybody is out playing football and having a ton of fun. They go inside to relax after running around all day and get a drink then sit down and watch TV. They were on the second floor of the house in Justin's room when Travis walks in with a BB gun.
Justin says, "You know I wonder how bad it hurts to get shot with one of those."
So Travis, as he shoots the gun, says, "Lets find out." Well Justin sees he is cocking it again, so he jumps out onto the roof of the house and jumps to the ground and rolls, from then on Travis calls him Superman.
So it seemed like a nice day and how could anything go wrong on such a perfect day, everybody is laughing and having fun just messing around. Justin leaves to go to the store to get food to eat, his mom had the car so he had to walk the whole way, well it had been about an hour so Aron calls him and asks if he is ok. Justin says, "Yes I'm fine, I'm on my way back now." So about another hour and a half goes by and Justin is still gone so they call him again to see if he is ok, but this time there is no answer so they call again, no answer again. Now they are a little worried, so Aron goes outside to try and fine him to see if he is ok.
On the way he sees a bunch of cop lights and gets a little curious, so he goes to the scene where there is yellow caution tape all around the front car of a train. He wonders what happened so he asks the cop, "Sir... excuse me sir, what happened here?"
The cop turns around and explains, "Well we aren't completely sure about what happened, but this young man was hit by this train."
As he cringes Aron says to the cop, "Well sir my friend walked to the store and still hasn't came back, I wonder if it could have been him."
As Aron is looking around for who got hit the cop starts to say, "Don't worry I'm sure your friend..."
Then a sudden scream comes from the 18 year olds mouth, "Oh my god, thats Cookie!" as he turns his head to see the NFL Raiders coat he was wearing when he left. He tries to fight to get to Justin to see if he might still be alive, but the cops are too strong for him and he is forced back to the road. When the cops weren't looking he ran to Justin and grabbed his necklace and ran home.
He bursts threw the door, tears running down his face, shivering from the cold rainy night. When he walks in the first person he sees is Jay, he tells him the horrible news; as the tears well up in his eyes, hands trembling uncontrollably, barely able to speak from disbelief, he looks up and says, "We will all miss you, love you, and remember you forever," and then he finally looses it and the tears start rolling down his cheeks as his mother and brothers walk in.
The mother of the five boys asks with worry, "Aron, Jay, what is going on, what is wrong."
Aron speaks with sorrow, "Cookie.... it’s Cookie, he’s dead!" As he says that the two older boys start to cry, as the other brother is too young to understand what is going on. The mom calls Justin's parents to let them know what has happened.
The next day Aron goes to his phone, which he hasn't touched since yesterday, and realizes he has a missed call, the number was Justin's. The message he left said, "Aron, I'm sorry to leave you guys this way but I can't take it anymore, I don't know what to do, I can't be like this anymore..." While he is speaking you can hear the horn of the train in the background getting closer and closer, then suddenly Justin says, "OH MY G..." and the phone goes dead. He sees a newspaper, the headline reads, 19 year old in critical condition after collision with train, then Aron realizes he is still alive. Everybody goes to the hospital to see him, but he is in a coma from the collision. Justin's mom, in tears, asks how it happened. The doctor turns and says, "Well the engineer reported that Justin was just standing there waiting to get hit, but then it looked like he changed his mind and tried to jump out of the way; he didn't make it in time and got struck by the front right side of the train."

The following three days were filled with sorrow and confusion awaiting the visitation and funeral. The day of visitation came around; it took place in the church Justin had been attending since he was about six years old. The room was filled with friends, family, and other loved ones. The room was packed tight but there was not one person with dry eyes as the sounds of Justin’s favorite songs lingered through the air and the pictures of all the memories rolled by on the projector. The last words to read on the screen said, "Justin "Cookie" R.I.P. you’re not here today but your memories will stay forever."
The next few months would be long and hard for everybody that knew and loved Justin. There was a website set up for people to say their good-byes, not even a day after it was made it was filled with funny stories coming from friends and family. Although it was a huge and terrible lose of an all around great person, it’s great to know he will always be remembered as Cookie the smart, wise, and fun guy to be around; the guy everybody loved and everybody could get along with. Its good to know he is on the other side watching over us and that one day everybody he loved and everybody that loved him will get to meet him there someday, and never have to lose him again.

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