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February 15, 2010
By Emo_Girl09087 SILVER, Greenville, Pennsylvania
Emo_Girl09087 SILVER, Greenville, Pennsylvania
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" ones who dissobey the rules are scum, but those who betray their friends are even worse scum."

sometime in march... about 4 years ago, my internal anger, finally blew up. first came the divorce of my parents. i was only 8 years old at the time, but i remember the night clearly. i was sitting with my mommy when my dad came through the door. drunker than a hoot owl. my mother turned arround as he swung. i screamed and rolled off the chair. my mother picked me up and ran to my room. hiding me in my closet. telling me it would be okay, and not to scream. i sat in the furthest corner of the closet and cried silentley. i began to try to crawl deeper into the closet, but failed. all i heard was my mother crying and my dad yelling, then it came. a loud bang on a door down the hall, and the piercing crack of wood splintering. my father had punched the door and had broken it.

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true story...

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