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February 13, 2010
By , Armidale, Australia
I still remember that day still remember the strawberry smell of my hair from my new shampoo (I never did use that shampoo again and strawberry now makes me gag.) I remember sitting down with a big slab of chocolate cake and flicking on the TV, the 5:30 report was just ending: "and just in there has been a dreadful crash in a small country town 2 teens killed 3 in a critical condition, the driver unharmed." Then I say the photos on the screen and it was if someone had pushed the slow-mo button on the remote to my life. I jumped up the plate and cake went tumbling to the ground and smashed but I barley heard it. So many thought were whirling through my head "I couldn't be" "Why them" "that could have been me." I ran mum but couldn’t manage to utter the words because for some juvenile reason I thought that is I didn't say the words it couldn't be true but the minute I spoke it would mean my best friend was really dead.
I burst into tears on the phone but still couldn’t speak, mum knew something was wrong and told me to sit tight and she would be home as soon as I could. No more than 60 seconds later the door bell rang I was scared to answer it and I still don't know why. The next few hours were a blur, it was the neighbor at the door and I remember wonder how they knew I was upset and why they were hugging me...I barely knew them. Turns out mum had called them and asked them to check if I was ok.
My mum said when she got home I just kept repeating two lines "they're not dead, it's not true they are lying, why are they lying to us?" and "I should have been there, that should have been me, why them but it's not true no it cannot be true."
It was three of my childhood friends were killed that day. All under the age of 15, Mandy had been driving not 15 for three month. But they all knew how to drive they were country kid brought up that way. A roo shot out Mandy swerved hit a tree and they were dead.
I should have been there I was invited to the party they were headed for, the one they never made. I should have been in that truck, I would most likely have been driving, but I canceled, I canceled on selfish terms...I had a date that weekend.
I might had of been able to stop the crash, three of my best friends might still be alive, Mandy wouldn't have to live with the fact that she killed three kids and I wouldn’t have to live knowing I may have had the power to stop it if I hadn't have been so selfish.

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Nikiblue said...
Feb. 18, 2010 at 12:00 pm
Wow... that is such a devastating story. I'm so sorry! :( Even if you had been in the car, there might not have been anything you could have done, you might even be dead along with them, so don't blame yourself. I hope everything is okay now, God bless.
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