Like A Bird

February 13, 2010
Like a bird, I wish I could fly. Fly high into the blue sky so I could leave all my burdens below me. I want to fly so high that I can enter a different world without the burdens far below me.

If I could fly, like a bird I’d spread my wings and glide through the sky. I would until I couldn’t hear my burdens far below. Beckoning me, chanting my name, and abolishing the state of happiness.

Like a bird I want to feel freedom. I want to be freed from the burdens that have chained me to them. Then I’d fly far, far away so they couldn’t find me again.

I’d sit on a telephone wire, like a bird, and look below me at the unhappiness. Then I’d take a deep breath, knowing I’m a bird, and I don’t have to be part of it unless I make a nest and settle in.

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