February 3, 2010
By Arms mek BRONZE, Bkk, Other
Arms mek BRONZE, Bkk, Other
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What a day! I had never been so nervous for appearing on stage. I was only eleven years old and had to play the guitar in front of a large audience at Thailand Cultural Center. My buddy was sitting across from me, staring at me in surprise. He suddenly jumped up so I muttered, “what are you doing?’’
Ku mumbled, “how long do we have to wait?’’
“Sshh’’ I whispered, “I just want to go up on stage.’’
That instant, a loud clap and boom echoed around the room. I could hardly see the mass of people in the audience. There was a strong confident feeling inside. At that moment our names are boomed out over the loudspeaker.
“Let’s try our best” Ku said and I started to fool around and kicked Ku.
I was still nervous and Ku said, “one step at a time, take it easy arms’’
Those words made me feel better.
Even though, I was still a little nervous, but the audience response seemed to pick me up and I clamed down

“We were really good! Have you ever seen something like this before?’

I thought “I am so happy… How did this happen?”
After what seemed like eternity, we dragged our selves off the stage and eagerly awaited in anticipation. “Arms , can you here that’’
“ of course , why?’’
“we’ve won the award’’
“ Incredible, we’ve only been playing guitar for 2 months we went on the stage again to greet the director. Our certificates were bright and shining from the reflection of the light .
“well done!’’ he said
“ oH! Yes we exclaimed with delight
I was so happy that I wanted to cerebrate so I asked my friends to go out for dinner at Robinson.
During dinner, we talk excitedly about our experience.
Afterward, we went home our separated way.

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