The truth behind love

February 2, 2010
By Anonymous

They say love hurts but no it doesn’t what hurts is when it all comes to an end and your heart starts to crumble your fantasy love world seizes to exist your blood turns to oil and your left to rot. The one who you thought cared about you is now slowly killing you.
Love is like a drug once you get some you cant stop and once your out or in this case your supposed love one runs out you start to go insane and you become broken unable to now love once more. You can fall in love countless times but you can only fall blindly in love once. This two feel similar but are dead different when you fall in love blindly it’s cuz you truly love someone you can’t be without them for even a second there like a tank of air when your hundreds of miles under water. But when you fall in love it’s cuz you’ve found something that feels close to what you miss it’s when your with someone to simply forget your alone, it’s when you find a replacement for what left a huge gape in your heart and for a moment you feel good but you cant feel a gape with a shard of what used to be.

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