Soaring Eagles

February 8, 2010
By jspradz BRONZE, Columbia, Illinois
jspradz BRONZE, Columbia, Illinois
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As I pasted the rusty gates like an anxious fellow, I viewed the black rubber. I have wanted to be here since I can remember and I have loved it since then. This event, my entire family has attended and competed. Many people would not like doing this activity, but I have enjoyed it greatly for many years. One place, minutes away from home, holds many great memories.
First in the bleachers, I applied the sharp spikes into the rugged bottom of my firm shoes. Yet to contain any numbers, I stared at the glowing scoreboard. I stretched my tight muscles along with my team. We ran a short lap. Taking it easy, together we jogged one lap in the inside lane. When each of us finished, the chatter of the crowd started as the small audience became anxious for events to begin. In fact, the excitement has just about to begun.
Obviously, the time approached for an event to begin, and it began with the Long Jump. Quickly I stepped onto the black pavement, gazing at the rectangular pit awaiting my land. My nose discerned the scent of the burning rubber from everybody’s warm ups. I could hear the faint sound of the mumbling announcer from afar. Now came my time to jump, I performed my routine start, and begun sprinting. As I dented the white floor blank with my left foot, I exploded myself upwards and went airborne. The coach yelled, “sixteen feet and four inches.” I carried out my best jump. After that, the other competitors performed their jumps and Long Jump ended.
Thereafter, my favorite event would begin soon, so my three teammates, Eric, Nathan, Vince, and I started to stretch. After our preparation, Nathan grabbed that baton and we attended the proper positions on the skinny lane. A few minutes later, all got quiet, and Nathan became the motionless starter. The gun went off, and Nate rocketed out, releasing his foot off the tough traction of the earthy ground. Finally, Nathan approached me and exhaustedly screamed, “Eagle,” for me to start running. I extended my arm backwards and the chilly baton entered my dry palm.
I sprinted the very fastest I could, and ran along the straightaway. The same sequence that went from Nate to I, worked the same with me to Vince. He sprinted along the curved lane, taking great strides along the way. Again, another baton pass, from Vince to Eric. He ran the fastest I have ever seen him run, and passed the finish line in first place with ease. The race finished, and I ran to my teammates to find out if we had broken the four by one record.
Mr. W. muttered, “Way to go everybody.”
“We did it,” babbled Nathan breathless, and I knew what that intended, we broke that easier said than done record, by a mere split second. Only because we gave it our all, my team accomplished this difficult feat at the Columbia High School track. My body filled with achievement, and I felt awesome for the team and for myself.
As my track crew finished the race like a soaring eagle, we put forth our immense screams with joy. My many family members and the plentiful years waiting for this moment, has become a reality. I have never been so proud. Ever since my childhood, I have wanted to be the fastest I can be, to acquire such an achievement, it felt amazing. Holding many great memories, I have succeeded my running act.

The author's comments:
I have always loved to run, and I had to write about something memorable. So this was why I wrote this article.

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