I remember

February 8, 2010
I remember being in the ocean on the week of my 13th birthday. Feeling the sand between my toes, and lying on a blue and white striped towel. The warmth of the sun made me sweat, but the coolness of the ocean quickly cooled me off. The call of my dad quickly called me back to reality.

While I rested on the dock after a long kayak ride, I watched the motionless water around me. The long narrow dock made me feel crammed. As I watched Bob and Dan Dinapoli fish for perch, I gazed across the foggy shoreline of the Atlantic Ocean. As time wasted away, we realized we only caught one fish. Calling it a day, we returned on our kayak ride.

While I snorkeled in the elegant sea, I swam over hundreds of living animals. The cool shallow water refreshed my skin on that warm sunny day. The sandbar is a beautiful place full of life and peace. The coolest part was that you could see almost any kind of fish in this shallow place.

The hot sun reflected off the shiny surface of Dans fishing boat. I sat patiently with my line tight waiting for a tug. Like a jolt of life from the ocean blue, I felt a bite and I struggled with my catch.

“Reel him in” Bob announced.
I fought this bad boy for nearly five minutes. Once at the surface I saw that I caught a small sand shark. I quickly released him not wanting anything to do with him. I then grabbed the super sharp hook of my rod and put some more bait on the line. I threw my line back in and waited for the next catch.

Skimming through the wet shore of the ocean I stood on only a narrow bent wooden board. Traveling at twenty miles an hour I was soaring through the beach. Local visitors stood and watched as I flew through the shore. Only to fall I got up and tried again.

I remember being in the ocean the week of my 13th birthday. Feeling the sand and the sun. Being in Florida allowed me to do things never dreamed I could do. I will never forget the memory of Cape San Blast, Florida.

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