Bits of Sand

February 8, 2010
By ryanroth BRONZE, Columbia, Illinois
ryanroth BRONZE, Columbia, Illinois
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Smacking Sandals, on the dark, hot cement road, I cross the street alongside my family. Walking down the boardwalk, getting little bits of sand stuck to your feet. Those first two steps onto the sand is a magnificent sensation. The aroma of fresh, clean water, an amazing sensation, feels good. When your feet land, you have officially entered beach heaven, this being my tenth time here I am used to that feeling.

I step onto the soft warm sand, any tension or stress will just be lifted. I suddenly become calm and relaxed. My family and I set up our chairs and cooler under a shady, cool umbrella. Mother opens up our cooler full of icy, chilled beverages and passes them around. We sit in our soft, comfortable chairs and enjoy the blazing hot sun. I glance across the beach and to my attention I see soaring, graceful seagulls and brilliant blonde babes.

“Go deep,” my dad, screamed as I ran to catch the long pass. I sprinted across the beach and dove for the soaring ball. The rough curved ball landed softly in my arms. I got up and brushed off the rough gritty sand. I walked to the water until it was at my ankles. Going deeper and deeper, the glistening ocean water was up to my waist and getting higher. Wave after wave splashed the shore. Down I went, underwater to wash the sand off my body. I used my goggles to see under the water and I reached for a tiny, strange hermit crab. Splashing up, out the water, I gasped for air. I had accidently swallowed the salty ocean water. I spit out the ocean water and found my way to my family.
I spotted my family setting up our volleyball net. Asking for assistance, my mom pulled me over to help. “Hand me the volleyball,” my mom yelled from across the net. Reaching for the round ball, I picked it up and tossed it over. We picked teams and started the game. My mom, sister and I against my dad and brothers. Diving down into the sand, I returned the serve. We play until we are sweaty and covered in sand. Then head to sit and cool off.
My brother called for me from the ocean, “Ryan bring a net.” I reach for the net and run it to the water. I throw him the net, as he catches it he goes down into the water and scoops up a net full of sand and once the sand falls out, three large hermit crabs and a few shells and some tiny flopping fish. He brings them over to show everyone, and he is ecstatic from his amazing catch. Picking them up, he throws them back into the water. As the sun slowly fades away, it starts getting darker. My dad calls for me to come over and pack everything up. We grab our belongings and head out.
Slapping sandals, on the dark, hot cement road, I cross the street alongside my family. This time on our way home. Walking into the hotel room, cool, breezy air blows in our faces. We are all blazing red with sunburn. We feel a sudden, laziness come over us. Making my way to the couch, I drop my things and pass out. My sister mumbles from across the room, “What a lovely day it was.”

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