January 26, 2010
By ashboo23 BRONZE, Norwich, Connecticut
ashboo23 BRONZE, Norwich, Connecticut
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you will never know how much you mean, un til you cherish the time we spent.
she can never let anyone is, because everyone who as ever said they would be there left.

Trying to forget someone you love is like trying to remember some one you never even knew. An love was right in our faces, though it is over and done with; we both know there is no one out there who can replace us. We try to live without our memories, but we know our memories are just stories that are now unspoken. We never forgave and always forgot, when really we should have forgave and never forgotten. An the past is just a part of life you don’t want to face anymore. When in the end, you have to face everything you have become, everything you did, all the things you once loved. God will ask you to explain it all. An pain is just weakness leaving your body, so eventually it will only make you stronger. The things we don’t want to happen happen because we have to learn from it. A word isn’t a word till you mean what you say, and love is not love until you are able to give it away. Learn from your mistakes and make the best of what you have. Don’t be afraid to fall, sometimes life will make you want to. When you do fall get right back up, and walk away. Haters will be haters; don’t listen to a word they say. Just keep on walking and let them do their talking. Live life, breath air, laugh out loud, and show people you care. Great things happen to great people. Always remember there is someone out there who loves you. Even with all yall have been through. Mistakes are made so better things can be done. You are you; you’re the only one. Life is a highway, so ride it all you can. Believe in hope, believe in faith, and take a stand. Be all you can be, and think to yourself “I’m living for me”. You only got one chance to live, so now is the time, after all, life is all about the climb!

The author's comments:
Everything that i have been throught.all the pain the sadness. and the happy times have inspired me to write this.

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