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February 3, 2010
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Dance dance

“Tok Pho! Ta Tok Ta Tok Tah - Tok Tok”. The Motown beats that was blasting from our media player make our heart want to wake up and start bboying. Last winter, me and bboy crew just started up and we want to make it enhanced. So we try to cool beat and new move but we all have different idea and opnion.

”hey, you didn’t like new move? I think It gonna be cool!”, my friend said. ”oh damn that horrible, don’t you have any other idea that better than that horrible move?”I reply. I think the move that he though it kind of like a cheerleader. He told me that we should stack up and put our hand in the air just a second and then flip down like snow balls. ”hey, I have a good idea! ”one of friend yelled. ”ok ,show me what you got” another friend responsed. I though we should go and steal an idea from the other crews and that are more experience on the internet” he added. I though that ideas was like spark in my mind. It will help us a lot to improve. So we all search the internet idea and present to our crews to see what new.

“uhmm, alright so next week going to have meeting again here at the same time” I said. ”alright see ya” we all said to each other.

Then we met up again and we saw each other new ideas. Now everybody got more skill and b idea like pure water. So we decide to choose the best move from each other to combine a team combo set. We spend many hour and lost much sweat to be conquer and complete our purpose. Our muscles were so sore but we knew it would make us better and stronger. As soon as we all remember ours team combo set. We decide to sign up for the bboy battle. ”ok gentle men, tomorrow we going to battle against other crew, so.. rest up and be ready for tomorrow. Our battle will start at 10 am, so don’t even think of being late”.

“Hey ,I’m not late” I said ”sure nut, this 9.45am almost!”my friend said. ”hey, check it out that crew so wicked, how can they do that?”one of my friend said. Then we all look at that crew they so awesome than we imagined.”I though we going to lost for sure” another friend said. ”calm down girl, we haven’t battle yet how can we give up?”the crew leader said. ”you are chicken!” my friend yell. We continue to argue like a children try steal toy from friends beside the battle stage and one of my friend start to rumble around with another friend. He said ”hey, what your problem idiot, did you call me chicken? Huh?”. And the crew leader come and told us ”Are you guy hysterical? We are team we are like family, stop this stupid thing”. After that my friend separate and apologize. We were up next to battle.

“The next battle is zTikEriNG crew(my crew) vs GuaRdiaNn oF ZtYles crew!!!!!”boomed the DJ ”give it up for these crew!!!! .” And then we start to with 12 round 6 round per crew. We are opening the first round with Master Swipe combo and did pretty cool finishing move that was a lot better than the other crew. After 8 rounds it was my turn I just start with Coin Drop and a little Style fix with a Windmill and following Headspin and finished with Airchair. The sea of people roars like a thunder from heaven. We did everything perfectly as finish puzzle and won the great battle. Many members feel like our heart were to explode with joy and tear of happiness stream down our cheeks. We got a lot of good information and experience.
This battle tought me that team work is important that sharing idea can produce great result. I think we all gain an experience that will stick with us forever and make our team stronger like titanium for the future. Me and my crew will continue our journey to battle and high upgrade as a new technology our moves and styles.

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