A Miserable Day

February 3, 2010
By , Minburi, Thailand
A Miserable Day!
As a highlight in my daily life, which is not sleeping or eating but fgrab attention from my parent and that makes me annoy so I clamor into his face and stare at him. Therefore we start the battle. The word “peace” never gets to mention between us. As I’m the older sister I need some privacy, staying in my room with my computer or listen to music. Anyways, my mom did once force me to do an enthusiastic work that related with Max.
” Wake up! Wake up! I’m about to leave, Take care of Max,” my mom commands. “No fight, No breaking things down, just don’t cause any problem,” she requests, again.
“What…? What did you say?” I mumble.
“Get out of bed, go to shower and look for him in his room!” she shouts from across the room.
“Fine, what ever let him wait”, I said and sigh.
After I ambled out of bed everything get blurred and dizzy. I felt so sleepy that I could knock my head at the wall so I faint. Nevertheless I took shower and head to my brother bedroom. Along the way to his room I had a feeling that a miserable difficulties are attacking. I stride into his room, what I saw are only those cartoon books and games lying on the floor, very messy. The first things that pop up in my head was the word “scold”. “You silly, take a shower and help me pick up those messy stuff you lied it on the floor, Quick before I throw it away!” I order with anger. So I start picking up those messes and reorder it. On the other hand, I was thinking he didn’t make me angry but why did I get pissed off, maybe the waking up early. Later than, we clear those messes together, my brother and me felt so hungry “11.30 Am, What? The times pass so fast we didn’t eat breakfast yet.” I complained.
“Yummy yummy,” I complimented myself, as I cooked for lunch. For some reason, I did cooked two and brought one from the store as a choice. I’m so proud that I could cook egg with rice and noodle, but also the sandwich from 7-11. While I set up the table I felt like my brother wouldn’t pick any of the choices, but he will finish all of the choices. As a caring sister I’ll made him choose one. Once I did try to convince him to choose one but he always have an excuse or speech like “ I didn’t eat breakfast, please!” that will always make my heart melt and spoil him, like my parent did. Moreover, the thing that he didn’t choose that would be mine.
At the table “Wow I choose egg and rice, but keep the sandwich, I’ll eat it later, so you will have the noodle”, he said eagerly.
“Thank you, so nice of you noodles, yeah right!” I whined in whisper. When we finished our dish and full of food we decided to go and watched movie. In the living, I asked Max for suggestion High School Musical, Wild Child, or Dragon Ball (the movie). “ Dragon Ball, I know I already watched once but I want to watch it again!” he shouted.
“Already watch right? So let watch High School Musical!” I meant to say it.
“No no no you silly go away I will kick you!” he repeated many times and he’s cutting my last nerve. Strongly, I look through him with my hand blocking with my leg kicking randomly to protect myself. Continually, the movie was playing Max was so annoyed and he acts like monkey fooling around the TV screen and rolling on the couch, in that behavior I almost slap him in the face.

Soon after the silly monkey fools around too much he turn up hungry.
“I want ice-cream”
“No, I change my mind, I want popcorn”
“Wait! Then”
“No, I change my mind again I want ice-cream”
“What! Do you want to eat? You silly, quickly choose or else you don’t eat any!” I roar.
Finally, he decided to eat ice cream. In the meantime I just wanted to squeeze his face into the ice cream bowl. Max is one of the people who I found it really painfully to stay with before I get crazy. Furthermore, when I get to the dead end I have no idea what I would make him enjoy and leave me alone, so I led him my computer. He started to get into online games with killing and different kind of violence. “Die die die!” he said loudly and he seems very get into the killing stuff. “ While, I was reading and listening to my ipod. I think this is a bad idea, so I force him to go out and find something that makes more sense.

At the playground, we start to kick and past each other the ball and run around. “ Let have a game! I’ll win be ready to lose!” he show himself off. “Ok deal!” I respond. After each of us scores the same number we make it to the end, which who make this goal will win. Then, Max and me get serious and focus. However, I accidently make him fall so he starts to cry and shout so loudly that my neighbors came out and check what’s happening. In that case I pull him back into the house to make him calm, by letting him eat the sandwich “ After you finish eating I will take a shower for you” I said nicely as I know I did something that make him hurt.

Eventually, the end of the day I took him to the bathroom and make him very clean with lavender fragrant. “Sigh” my brother was very exhausted and sleep that he barely opens his eyes. Not so late my mom gets back but he already in bed.
“Are you guys getting together peacefully?” mom asks very excitingly, I hesitated.
“I’m so proud of you thank you for babysitting your brother, at least you didn’t cause any problem,” she tribute softly to my ear.

The time that I’ve been waiting for the whole day has reached “bedtime”. My arms hurt; I get very exhausted as well as my brother or even more. I need relax so badly. However, I learn some personality and learn what kids would act if their parent didn’t achieve there wants. Also, I never knew before that it’s very hard to control children from wanting too much. As a price I clap for myself, at least I didn’t cause any problem as my mom commands but we did fight.

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