how was bad my team

February 3, 2010
By Anonymous

How was bad my team
Peep!! The whistle rang and the soccer match began. Everyone excited and said “hey, moving more!” A soccer ball is so hard. Too much running so my face was like lake. My two legs were shouting, “We cannot move anymore. Please have a rest.” However I kept running because knew that this day will be very important day for me and my team mates.

My first impression of soccer team was so shock. I thought that is this really a soccer team? Everyone who is in the team was so lazy. In the practice, at first we must run for 15 minutes to get stamina but they just dawdled. So I always played alone. I always with a question that how can I play in this team? When our first soccer match was coming, I encourage them to play hard. But they did not change until that happened.

At our first soccer match, we presented victory to enemy. Then my soccer team mates looks like feel bad. However when practice started, there were nothing change. I disappointed them so much. Coach soothe “we lose, but this is going to be step for the next.” Until next match I had thought that I throw days like this.

A few days later, finishing soccer match, coach assemble us and made us sit down on the bench. Then coach mutter “I must tell something to you guys.” Suddenly coach started to read a letter which comes from someone who is a RIS student’s mother. In the letter there were many comments to us. The letter said, “you guys are really soccer player?” and “how can you be so lazy?” I obviously agree with him or her. After finishing read letter, their face varied before read a letter. I could know our team already changed and soccer match was coming.

Pee. Pee. Refely was whistling. We jogged in the pitch. Pee!! The game began. We are so exited in this match because this day was only day that we could know that how we changed. I run hard so my face was so sweat almost like sea. First half we could not get some goals and did not give some scores for enemy. Second half, after 3 minutes later, goal’s net danced. We made goal’s net dancing, I was so happy about it and team mates also.

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