Dear...Love...Part 5

February 2, 2010
By Anonymous


You’re talking to me more and more each day. I feel like I know you really well, like we’ve been best friends forever. On the bus you asked me how my day was, and actually had a normal conversation. You always do that with your friends or other girls that could be considered “friends”, and this was the first time you did it to me. And in music we just chatted because we’re always in class early. And I love that your friends actually like me. One of them even annoys me, but in a funny way. He has given me three nicknames that make me laugh, and another one of your friends does the same. It’s kind of funny that at the beginning of the year, you never even looked twice in my direction, and now we have full-length conversations like its normal and we’ve been doing this for years. I feel like you flirt a little with me, and just wish that you could see how much I really, really like you. I’m still hoping that you’ll see that and maybe we could have a chance one day. I’ll just have to convince you that I’m just…perfect.

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