Love of My Life

January 31, 2010
So many people and my closest friends have told me that it's only puppy love, or, " I'm sorry to tell you, but it might not last". Well I showed them! Who I am refering to is my boyfriend, my life, my breath, my everything. When I was younger I didn't think people can actually love each other and tell them they love each other. To spend so long togheter. I believe this came into mind when I was only four or three years old, when my own parents seperated. The only thing I remembered about that day was that I cried. I didn't exactly understand what was going on or the consequences. I just knew nothing will ever be te same. Since then I didn't think love was possible, until I met the person who changed my beliefs and my entire lonely world. Before I knew him I was a shy, lonely, confused, ackward girl. I mean like it wasn't that I was unahappy I just didn't exactly understand what truelly made me happy,I didn't know who to turn to with my problems. I just don't see my mother the same, my sister, no, she wouldn't understand me, my friends? No, I didn't ever exactly have what people call a "bestfriend". My world was original, normal, boring. I've seen those romantic movies where boy meets girl and they simply fall in love. Fiction more than romantic I thought. I lived with true love for 12 years. I know too young to even understand anything. But I knew, a lot infact. I didn't believe love really exsisted until the April of 2009. I was going though my friends on Myspace..looking for people to add. Then I go to a guys profile. I didn't exactly know who he was. I didn't think he was cute or anthing so I scrolled down and find a cute, original picture. He had a plain smile on his face, white t-shirt, and a Sanra Claus hat on. The greatest desision I have made in life. I actually had the courage to comment him. We soon conversed daily. The day I met him I was taken. I suddedly loss feelings for my at-that-time bofriend. We then met again, only two times. The second time we met up is when he asked me out. I remember it was n a high school that my sister had he soccer game. I remember that the first time he slowly moved forward forhis lips to meet mine I litterly lost my breath and I just froze. Unfortunatly he moved back and I believe saw a smile form across his face. I could feel my cheeks warm up so I put my head down. Later on the game he turns towards me and reaches for my chin and gently pulls it towards his lips. I felt butterflies fill my stomach in a blink of an eye. Now tat I think of it, I haven't felt as nervous for anyone else as I did for him. Now, because of one guy, one humanbeing, I know know it is abolustly possible to love someone that not even you can believe. I feel like flying when I'm around him, and when he kisses me I still feel hundreds of butterflies after making almost a year. I don't feel the same way I felt when I told him I loved him for the first time. Now, my feelings for him only get stronger and bigger. Believe me or not, it's obviously true. This is my Love Story.

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