A bullet to the head

January 25, 2010
By , henderson, NV
He was known as a killer, the man of the streets. The life he lived was the life of crime. It’s the only kind of life he know of. Growing up in the rough streets of Chicago, he was known as only another gang banger.

Keith, my moms husband, or also known as my step dad was who this man was. When he moved to Vegas, he was up to no good. After getting held hostage, he knew that he needed to change his ways. He gathered a few important thing and got on a bus with my mom. They didn’t know were they were going, but hopefully somewhere were they can start a new life.

As they took their first step of the bus, they were in middle of nowhere. They were standing outside in the poring rain. It was raining so hard, like someone was trying to torture them even more. They suddenly glanced at a light. It was a small church. Instantly, they heard the noise of footsteps. A man stumbled out of the church and invited them in for dinner. Keith, the man who dedicated his life to crime, now said “God has finally spoke to me”.

At that moment he knew that he was a changed man. He knew it would not be easy to stay changed. Even though he had no money, he was still encouraged. He went to church every Sunday and even tough a Bible class.

There were ups and downs min his new life with my mom. They would sometimes fight, but always make up. Both of them wanted a family, so they decided to have a baby. On February 15, 2009 a beautiful little girl came to this earth. Now, there dream to have a family came true.

Just two years before this his whole life was killing people, selling drugs, making drugs, and gang violence. Now they turned there life around and dedicated in to God. He has a job, a family, and a house. What else could he ask for?

On January 19th, 2010, his life story came to a sudden end. As a bullet went threw his head, his life was cut short. No one knows if it was intended for him to shoot himself, or simply playing with a gun. Now, everyone knows he is gone.

Even though he dedicated himself to Christ, he must have went to some of his old habits to pass this way. It was his time to go, and that is all I can say.

RIP Keith

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