eighth grade pictures

January 25, 2010
Oh my gosh I cannot believe today is picture day. I am feeling kind of nervous. It all started when I walked into the chapel where we were going to have are picture done in our suits. My suit was black and I had a red stripe tie and I had on loafers. The girls looked very pretty in their dresses. The first picture that we had taken was our group picture with everyone. Then we took the individual picture. It was funny because we would all make each other laugh. My dad wanted to hang around and watch me get my picture taken but I said, “No, dad, leave.” So he left. When it was my turn to have my picture taken I felt fine. The photographer said, “smile,” and so I did. But my smile was not big enough. So he made me smile even bigger which then my cheeks started to hurt. After I had my picture taken I was relieved. I then went into the dressing room to change into my polo shirt and jeans. Then we, as a group, had our picture taken by the grass in front of the chapel. After we did that we each had our picture taken by the fountain. While everyone was getting his or her picture taken, I took in everything. I remember hearing the birds chirping and smelling the fresh cut grass. I also could hear the water in the fountain running which made me a little bit relaxed. I also heard the sound of the freeway and the photographer say smile. Then it was my turn. I listened to the fountain, which made me relaxed. After all of us had our picture taken, we changed into our wacky wear. After all of this it was just another ordinary day. This was the greatest day of my life.

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