January 25, 2010
He was scared. He had been through a lot of obstacles this year & this just adds onto the pressure. Trying to support a family, David had gotten fired from his job as manager of Jcpenney in Northridge, California The family of four, mom, dad, and two teenage daughters, were already struggling paying for bills and everyday supplies. Not only did he loose his job, he had lost his California home due to the horrible economy. David wouldn’t have been let go from his job if it wasn’t for competition. He had already had the job as manager; he had for twenty-four years. His competitors wanted his job, so they took charge. These people had a lack of maturity and lied there way to get to the spot, which left David jobless. His attempt to find a job and keep his family on there feet was tough. Every night you could find him relaxing on his cotton blue recliner with a bright neon yellow highlighter circling job ads in the “Northridge Daily Print.” His struggle to find work finally paid off when he got an unsuspected phone call. David’s Uncle Frank owns a successful business in North Las Vegas called CES. Jobless & frantically worrying, David asked about any spots open. Frank, being a caring uncle, offered a spot as manager of communications. Of coarse David would take the job, it pays well and is something to keep his family running. A transition from California to Las Vegas was a huge change for David, but change is always good. Telling his family was heart-breaking for the teens, since they had made very good friends. Once the family had settled in, everyone was happier than ever to be in a new environment. David loved his new job and was very surprised on how fast the office made him feel at home. This man was very brave and courageous. The key point is that you never give up and strive for what you need to achieve. David became very successful within the years. David quotes,” When one door closes, a window nearby is always open.’

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