Change. Is it in us?

January 21, 2010
I wish I had the power of the sun. Not the physical effects necessarily but instead in the
metaphoric sense. I want to be like the sun I want to be able to shine and overpower darkness.In the end I want to be the one who instead of falls looks up and just say that I believe in the positive moments that are soon to come. I believe we all should, we are/were the youth, and it's time to set an example. I want to finally live with no regrets and with a positive attitude. We all say we love the words of Bob Marley as in " One Love" but do we truly mean it. Do we truly think to ourselves that if someone isn't on my level or as cool as me I will truly give them a chance. I don't think we all could say that, I'm one who hasn't lived like that. I'm done living like that. It's time to shine and even though we feel like we can't stay positive give it our best. When I think about it I just ask myself "what negativity would come from being positive?". The answer is none, I think people from the past really understood that but we now have corrupted that whole outlook. I figure let us change for the better, during horrible times a screwed up economy and just jobs hard to find the world needs us to stay positive. If we screw up on that path who cares no one is perfect let us cherish our mistakes and learn from them to better ourselves. It took me so long to realize that this should be the true way to live, let us embrace each other and learn from one another. I'm tired of complaining that the world should be different, that difference should be us. Let us change maybe one at a time but in the end it will so be worth it, and we can all look back and say that we changed the world for good. I'm ready for change the question is are we willing to be strong in order for this change. Lets make it happen and turn this world upside down. So ask yourself if change is in you.

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